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Teenage Girls Today

images-2If you are a teenage girl, you’re not a baby anymore, with age, you have gained maturity, independence, and hopefully a good sense of healthy eating principles. You’ve spent years learning about nutrition and health, but now it’s up to you to put these ideas into practice.

Being a healthy teen girl is very important. You need to start now to stay happy and healthy when you get older. As a teenage girl it is a good time to develop healthy habits to serve you well throughout your lifetime.

Keeping Fit

Find Something that you love to do daily, exercise wise, change it up if you get bored, and try to maintain this daily throughout your life. Always stretch and warm-up before a workout. Try to balance between stretching, weight resistance and cardio exercises as well. Play sports. There are sports to suit everyone, and a few examples are gymnastics, tennis, archery, cheerleading, track, volleyball, basketball, soft ball, and soccer, just find one that you really love to do, and set aside at least sixty minutes five times a week for this. This will help you to maintain a regular cycle as well as making you fitter and healthier.


We all have to learn to listen to our bodies and how we feel when we consume certain foods. Foods are powerful and can heal us but we must learn which ones work best for us and which ones to avoid. Recently there has been a lot of evidence to support the health benefits of intermittent fasting, that is eating only during an 8-12 period than no food the rest of the day. Eat a portion of healthy protein like poultry, fish, beans, or nuts and seeds are some examples, lot s of fresh fruit and  fresh vegetables  always at at mealtimes, strive for variety of all kinds of foods, learn to experiment with other cultures food customs. Stay hydrated with purified water all the time, consider starting each morning with the juice of a lemon and warm water, with some pink himalayan salt (solay) for electrolytes. Consider supplements but do your homework,  learn more about them , more articles soon on this.


People appreciate cleanliness, shower once every day or two day maximum and if necessary wear an antiperspirant or deodorant, to keep fresh. Clean clothes are more comfortable, more attractive and will make you feel better, always take pride in how you look, and when you keep fit and healthy looking, that should be, No Problem at ALL. To Your Terrific Teenage Years.